About Capital Investment

Capital Investments Pvt. Ltd. is a multidisciplinary investment company managed by experienced team of financial management group.

For the rapid economic development of Nepal, there is need to increase investment. As Nepal has adopted liberal, open market economic development policy, the role of private sectors has increased significantly. A large amount of private investment is required for the development of industries, business and infrastructures. Realizing the fact a group of Nepalese investors have established Capital Investments Pvt. Ltd. under Company Act 2063. The company aims to mobilize small savings into investment and such savings shall be invested in stock, properties and shares of profitable companies.

The Company organizes small saving of public and converts into stock.

The company will provide maximum return from the invested capital by investing funds into profitable projects.

The company will invest on stock of new as well as established companies, on bonds, real state, housing, hydropower projects etc.


The main objective of Capital Investments Private Limited is minimized the risk with Diversified Investment in the following areas;
- Trading on stock of banks, financial institution and other companies.
- Invest on the promoter shares of newly established companies.
- Investment on the Government Bonds.
- Develop Real estate, housing and estate management.
- Invest on the shares of hydropower projects.
- Providing fund management service.
- Providing portfolio management services.
- Foreign investment and Collaboration.


To convert People "An Active & Entrepreneur"


To be a leading Diversified Investment Company in Nepal.

Let's Join Hands Together to Build Modern, Developed and Prosperous Nepal by converting Small Personal Shaving into Productive Investment through "Capital Investments".

Core Team

Bhakti Ram Pokhrel

Mr. Krishna Pandey

Mr. Govinda Bahadur Thapa

Mr. Salau Din Myia

Mr. Yagya Sharma

Mrs. Lalita Bashyal

Mrs. Kamala Marasini