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Let's Join Hands Together to Build Modern, Developed and Prosperous Nepal by converting Small Personal Shaving into Productive Investment through "Capital Investments".
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Capital Investments Pvt. Ltd. is a multidisciplinary investment company managed by experienced team of financial management group. For the rapid economic development of Nepal, there is need to increase investment. As Nepal has adopted liberal, open market economic development policy, the role of private sectors has increased significantly. A large amount of private investment is required for the development of industries, business and infrastructures. Realizing the fact a group of Nepalese investors have established Capital Investments Pvt. Ltd. under Company Act 2063. The company aims to mobilize small savings into investment and such savings shall be invested in stock, properties and shares of profitable companies.


The core principle that guides our firm. We pledge to provide you with an investment experience based on honesty, transparency and high ethical standards. Integrity is of such importance that without it, the remaining core values are meaningless.


We have established a culture that promotes freedom to provide the best possible investment solution for our clients. Though flexibility, we pride ourselves on being interdependent when it comes to sharing strategies that benefit everyone.


We have own diversified investment strategy, investor can opt as per their investment sectors, horizon and planning with best advisory of Certified Financial Planner.